Ogos 30, 2010

Made In Malaysia.

The day had gone too long,
its seem like yesterday.
This is the land we born,
and where we gonna stay.
The proud is there,
we know and its always in your hearts
That we all stay and fly the flag
of nation pride

The war had gone
and all the heroes had their way.
But if its strike again,
we know we gonna stand

We gonna stand and fight
We''ll die for this pride land

We''ll show the foes
We great because we the countrymen

And when you hear the call
We know that you be there
Its for the stripe the moon and star
Because we all proud that we was made in malaysia

We had been raised to trust
the god and to the king.
We gonna stand and ground.
the strengh that come whithin.
So if you think you know those feeling that is true,
and its all for the yellow, the red, and white and blue

We gonna stand, we gonna shout.
This is the land, that we all proud.
Lets join the line and you know whats all about.
So if you think, you feel the same
Raise all the flag, of our land,
and feel the pride,
inside you know that it is true

We just dont care
that who the hell you are.
Just shout it loud
that you proud to be made in malaysia.

p/s :Protect your land and pride forever. Merdeka! 
credit to Roots N Boots for great song and lyrics!

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cranberries berkata...

pergh..root and boots!lme la sial xdgr lgu2 cmni.kalo kat asrama dlu lgu2 skinhead ni mmg bese la dgr.band2 skinhead cm ACAB,the official n root n boots pun dh senyap je skang.tp lirik lgu dieorg mmg direct je n mmg bakar semangat.still bleh lyn smpi ble2.