Disember 27, 2012


Assalamualaikum. i often read your blog. i like the way you write and how you expressed your feelings and thoughts. at the same time, you interact with your readers. SPM was coming, so i did not read your blog for quite sometime. well, SPM was over so i finally have all the time to myself. i opened your blog yesterday and go through all the post that i missed (almost all). about your dilemma. to carry on with terfaktab or not. i don't know if you have made your decision or not. but here's what i think. 

TERFAKTAB. i found out about this blog from my brother. mula mula rasa macam 'menatang apa la yang abang aku suruh aku bukak ni'. then bukak and baca. masa tu baru form 3. kecik sangat kot untuk tahu the definition of love. my first love was when i was form 3. we broke up after 4 months. after tu baru bukak terfaktab. menangis jugak la kalau baca post yang memang menusuk tangkai jantung. since then, i followed terfaktab. SPM tak bukak. so after SPM bukak balik. i am impressed. you guys have improved a lot and yes, improving day by day. a job well done. thanks to you guys, i finally know what love is all about. and how to be better and heal after each broke up (bunyi macam banyak je pakwe aku dulu kan). Alhamdulillah, i can handle myself quite well when it comes to love, thanks to terfaktab.

when i read you post dekat blog about choosing either to continue or give your position to someone else, i was scared. scared that terfaktab will end OR will not be the same. i am 100% sure that i won't be the same since someone else is on your chair. i know yang kerja ni pendapatan tak tetap la, tak menjamin masa depan la or anything yang sewaktu dengannya. but i do believe that Allah dah tetapkan rezeki masing masing. and rezeki is everywhere. i don't know why but i just believe that this is yours. start from bawah kan. from blogspot to now, you guys have achieved more than 2 million viewers. and that is your effort i believe. effort to put everyone together. if it wasn't for you, none of this will happen. so please, i really hope that you will stay and keep on rocking terfaktab. i know that i am not in your shoes, but i don't know. i really want you to stay. and keep on doing what you've been doing all this while. without you knowing, you have helped a lot of people. especially the heart broke one. 

i know that at the end of the day, you have to make your own decision. it's your life so why the hell orang lain kena decide kan for you kan. so yeah, whatever your decision in the future, i will respect it. because i know that it will be the best for you. sorry if this email hurt you or you feel offended. demi Allah, takde niat pape pun. just nak share my thoughts. i am not used to keep my thoughts to myself, will express it through writing. i am sorry truly and deeply sorry. if you read this, thank you a lot. thank you for terfaktab. thank you for making me understand what love is and how to handle myself. thank you for everything, Aqram. 

Azzatul Syahira Mohd Shah 

Nota : Terima kasih terima kasih terima kasih terima kasih atas kiriman email ini. Aku rasa nak buat group hug. 

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Wadi AR berkata...

sesama. haha

LelakiSemalam berkata...

yup...betul apa yg dia perkatakan!

EZAN IDMA berkata...

teruskannn aqram!

penulis v.s pelukis berkata...

jujurnya dia.. terasa ikhlas die.. :)